How to Select a Digital Marketing Agency

The selection of Digital Marketing Agency is key to the success of the businesses. There are a many Digital Marketing Agencies which claims as best agency but that might be wrong and right at the same time. You must evaluate it from your own perspective. Here are a few pearls of wisdom on 'How to Select a Digital Marketing Agency'.
  1. Marketing First – Digital Second

In order to reach to a destination, its very much important that you know the destination and how to reach up to that destination. The selection of vehicle may be secondary. In the journey of Digital Marketing, its very important to note that Digital Marketing Techniques are just the vehicles, Digital marketing agency is the driver of that vehicle but you need to know your destination i.e. what you want to achieve from the digital marketing. You should work with an agency which focus more on marketing , and understand your domain and can efficiently use a right mix of Digital marketing techniques to supplement your offline marketing techniques in achieving the goal of organization while maintaining the consistency of brand image.

  1. Results First – Cost Second

Most of the businesses works of tight budget constraints and hence selects agencies which are primarily based upon cost. Sometimes the cheaper is much costlier, I hope you will agree with the same. If a cheaper digital marketing agency does not bring the results, its not only the wastage of money paid but its also the loss of business which you could not earn, its also loss of opportunity which you missed while working with cheap digital marketing agency. Last but very important, it can provide a time window to your competitors to fill the space in market and you are thrown out of the market. Selecting a right agency is much more important than the cost.

  1. No Isolation – Only Collaborations

Most of the businesses just make a contract with agency to define a scope of work. Its very important to understand that how you can get maximum out of this scope. Digital marketing cannot work in silos. You must work in internal collaborations and external collaborations. All the different wings of Digital marketing team must work in collaboration e.g. SEO team must work in collaboration with Content team. The Digital team must work in collaboration with marketing departments of the businesses. This will ensure the unidirectional efforts, consistency of brand image and coherency with the vision and objectives of the organization. Digital SalesMen is a Digital Marketing Agency works in collaboration with clients to achieve the objectives as an extended arm of their own marketing team. Our carefully crafted processes ensures that all teams are working in unified direction to achieve the maximum from the efforts invested.

  1. Serious Customers First – Social Media followers are secondary

Choose a digital marketing company having industry experience and which can work in digital space to you ahead in RACE (Reach, interAct, Convert and Engage) to deal with serious prospective customers. Many of the businesses are impressed at social media statics e.g. Facebook likes or twitter followers. Another good example is most of the times businesses ask for a digital marketing agency to have 10 -20 keywords in top 10 but it doesn’t work. Even if your Digital marketing agency brings all 20 keywords at Google Rank 1, does it mean you are king of industry? The mantra of success is not only bringing the users to your website. The key is bringing RIGHT user to your website and ATTRACT, EDUCATE and CONVERT them in a business. The Digital Marketing Agency which focuses on serious businesses rather than just social media statics must be preferred.

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