How Technology will Transform Real Estate Sector

The information technology is influencing the businesses from the decades but now its playing a critical role in various aspects of doing business in real estate industry.

In the beginning of the century, there were only a small percentage of people who used internet and related technologies in journey of buying home or a commercial property. However in last decade, the customer behaviour is changed very fast and today use of internet is integral part of both house buying and house delivery services.

As per some of the data over 93% property buyers use interest at least once before buying property in urban areas. The property buyers are not only searching the information related to property he is buying but also make other related searches like credentials of real estate developers, location review, Trends analysis etc.

The developers also unleashing the maximum from the internet technologies. “The real estate developers are using Digital technologies to satisfied their different needs. The IT is used for quick and continuous communication, low cost marketing, reputation management etc.” Says Anil Kumar Gupta, Chief Strategy Officer of Digital SalesMen, a leading Digital Marketing Agency for Real Estate Industry.


Its very easy to display the product portfolio and great details over internet in comparison to other traditional media options. Most of the real estate companies are not only having their own portal to promote their products but also using third party property portals to showcase their products.


Email is quick communication, which not only instant in nature but easy to manage it and can be retrieved easily on needs basis. Searching emails are just a click away.

Some of the information Real Estate Developers may need to share with its customers e.g. construction updates. They can easily update on their portal and share the link with its customers through emails, whatsapp or SMS.

Online Reputation Management

The reputation management over the internet is of paramount importance. Earlier when it was the time of mouth publicity, a person could speak positive or negative to a few dozen people however now on internet a dissatisfied customer can ruin the credentials of a developer among thousands of prospective customers. The brand image conscious, property developers or property brokers are using Digital Branding services to manage their online reputation.

As the importance of Digital marketing is increasing at a faster pace, today many real estate developers are using Digital marketing or Online Marketing as an important weapon in their marketing arsenal. Their area lot of Digital Marketing services / Digital Branding Services / Digital Sales services available for Real Estate industry. Some of the Digital Marketing Services are as below:

Website Design and Development Services

Online Presence Management

Content Marketing

Online Reputation Management

Mobile Marketing

Email Marketing Services

Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising Services

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Services

Social Media Marketing and Advertising Services

Conversion Rate Optimization

Affiliate Management

The author is Chief Strategy Officer at Digital SalesMen which is an internationally prestigious Digital Marketing agency with prime focus at real estate sector.