Why to Invest in Thailand

Regional Power Robust Economy Highest RoI Ease of Ownership

Regional Power

Thailand is the second largest economy in ASEAN with GOP forecasting in between 5%-5.5% despite worldwide recession.

Proposed head quarters of ASEAN. Various FTAs and Treaties being drafted under the ASEAN which shall give enormous business boosts to the existing and new business houses.

Stable Political leadership.

Highly Tolerant, Safe and Peaceful country.

Robust Economy

World Bank described as “one of the great development success stories” for its progress in social and economic development, the country remains on an upward trajectory.

Diversified economy based upon sound fundamentals e.g. Thailand is very popular Tourist Destination even though tourism accounts to just 7% of its GDP.

Bangkok has become a hub for Medical Care in SE Asia. Pa8aya also has several international schools & higher education facilities.

Highest RoI

The RoI on the properties in Pattaya, Thailand is second highest in the world.

The average rate of return on Property Investment is 19% per annum.

The average Rental Yield stands at 10% - 12% per annum which is considered to be one of the highest in the world.

Demand for condominium apartments is increasing @150% PA.

Ease of Property Ownership

Thailand is known for Real estate investment trusts or REIT which is picking up rapidly.

Low Investment Threshold - High Investment Yield.

Residency eligibility at low investment.

Appreciation of the property (Minimum 15% per annum).

Safe and Investor friendly country. 90% of the properties in Thailand is owned by Foreigners (Non Thai Nationals).

Project insured to safeguard the interests of both developers and buyers.

Easy to Exit– Easy to Manage - Easy to Rent– Easy to InvestAMIGO GRANDEUR CONDOMINIUM offers a rental of 10% on completion of the projects and a minimum 20% growth every year on the price of the property.

Our Property services (Rental and Re-sale) shall help all the investors to reap maximum profit out of their investment.

The author is Chief Strategy Officer at Digital SalesMen which is an internationally prestigious Digital Marketing agency with prime focus at real estate sector.