Dubai Is Favorite Destination Of Indian Property Investor Now....

The Indian investors are showing great interest in buying Dubai properties. Some of the data released by regulatory agencies or prestigious research reports has shown eye opening insights.

The figures from the Dubai Land Department (DLD), released by its Real Estate Research and Studies Department, total investment transactions for the first half of the year reached Dh57 billion from 26,000 investors made up of 149 different nationalities.

* Indian investors led the way in the foreign investor field, bringing in more than Dh7bn worth of property transactions to the emirate from just 3,656 transactions.

* The British were second with Dh4bn in investments, while Pakistanis were third with Dh3bn.

* The total value of foreign investment into Dubai property reached more than Dh28bn, almost half the value of transactions, drawn from more than half of the investments – 14,314 investments out of the 26,000 were from foreigners.

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