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Social media sites are great for communicating directly with communities that have indicated their interest in specific products or industries. The dynamics in these communities is about sharing information as opposed to selling, making it important to focus on being a reference, not selling product. Sharing information can result in more inbound links with opportunities to sell coming when visitors arrive on landing pages at the site.

Social media optimization will serve four different purposes i.e. SMO, Online Reputation Management, Search Engine Optimization and Lead Generation.

  • Profile building and various kinds of Blogging including Micro-Blogging (e.g. Twitter), Pics-Blogging (e.g. Pinterest) with appropriate focus to keyword density and image optimization for blogging. Blogs will also be integrated with social networks.
  • Expertise sharing (e.g. LinkedIn & Facebook etc.), Answering on Yahoo, AOL.
  • Forum Participation in leading industry forums (reality portals), community forums (Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin etc) and complaints forums (e.g.
  • Answering on various question - answer site like Yahoo Answers, Aol Answers, Quora etc.
  • Sharing non-text contents such as Images, Video, and Audio contents.
  • Pushing information to targeted customer and diversion to our website / offline sales channel.
  • Create supporters for Causes (Green Development) and Events, etc including support to real world campaigns, causes and events activities.
  • Interactive conversations with individual / community to resolve the consumer issue, spread the knowledge, support causes (e.g. Green Development).
  • Social media participation including profile creation, group administration, participation in groups, connection building.
  • Inbound links / contact email ids posting in social media to divert traffic to our sales channels.

Key Distinctions

  • Our content posted in social media will be rich in information richness and resourcefulness (i.e. no thin contents)
  • Content optimized for online user to convert into real world prospective customer.


  • Uniform brand image: The content posted with in the social media is as per the brand image and target audience.
  • Multiple Content Objectives: The contents will be designed with multiple objectives i.e. SEO, ORM, and SMO.
  • Diverse Content Types: There will be textual as well as non-textual (Image and Video)content to create interest.
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