Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Services

Around 89% of consumers use a search engine to find information on products or services before buying, according to a recent report from Fleishman-Hillard, and 70% of purchase decisions begin with a search.

Primarily there will be three different kind of SEO exercises by DigitaSalesMen i.e. Onsite SEO, Offsite SEO and Technical SEO.

  • Onsite SEO Work which is optimization of pages, it includes Meta Tag, Meta Description, Alt tag, Keyword / Key phrases Formation. It also includes the consulting support for CSS design.
  • Webhosting optimization which includes Sitemap XML-STATIC, Robot, URL list creation, Error Page design support and configuration.
  • New page UI design e.g. Thanks You page for all the successful lead submission form; Landing pages UI Design
  • Keyword selection, Keyword Mapping, Keyword Density, Keyword Analysis, Key Designs frame etc.
  • Search Engine Submission, URL submission, Search Engine Verification.
  • Profile Building, Micro Sites Administration, Landing page UI design.
  • Link Building including unidirectional (Inbound or Outbound), bidirectional and multi-directional/ loop link building.
  • Continuous analysis and improvements through Google Webmaster, and Google Analytics configuration and reports.
  • Article Submission, Press Release Submission, Blogging, Collaboration with relevant bloggers and authority sites to promote your product / services for SEO (inbound links generation) as well as promotion of products.
  • Ongoing monitoring and reviews e.g. keyword amendments as per Google analytics reports, Broken links monitoring, Web robot crawling monitoring.

Key Distinctions

  • Future Ready SEO: We@DigitalSalesMen carefully analyze the current and possible future industry trends and implement those possibilities so that any change in search engine algorithm will not affect our rankings adversely. Some of the elements we incorporated to make our SEO future ready are Use of Social Signals, Device Dependent SEO, SEO Localization, Author Ranking, #tag optimizations etc.
  • The content for SEO is intellectually designed to meet three purposes i.e. Excellence in user experience, Maximization of Lead Generation and Search Engine Optimization. This is one of the key benefit of working with DigitalSalesMen which is not offered by even leading service providers.


  • Quality of Content: No single line posting. Any posting for SMM or ORM or SEO purposes will definitely add value to actual user.
    • Content Marketing: Our USP includes
    • Uniqueness of the content/topic
  • Resourcefulness and information richness (i.e., no thin content)
  • Social Signals: Google will consider +1 on google likes, and other signals such as facebook likes, retweets, Google+ comments and hash tags etc.
  • Mobile/Responsive Design: Today a major part of searching are being done on mobile devices.
  • Localization:This includes map data, listings, citations, and reviews on local information sites.
  • Media: It’s becoming essential to add relevant non-textual media to text content, because this adds value and makes the content more resourceful.
  • Inclusion of Google family like You tube comments, Google+ comments, Google+ #tags etc.

SEO for Startups

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