Pay Per Click(PPC) Advertising Services

Organic SEO and Paid SEMs supplement each other. Our systematic approach will ensure that you get ROI on each dollar spent by you.

SEM (Pay Per Click Management) efforts are to optimize the expenses in paid advertising (primarily in to Google Adwords). This requires a systematic study of your targeted user behavior; and continuous optimization so that maximum can be unleashed from paid advertisement efforts. Following are some of the activities we will cover in SME efforts.

  • Separation of different traffic sources e.g. Organic SEO, Social Media Engagements, Google Adwords, Review sites etc.
  • Intellectually designed campaigns & ad-groups
  • Systematic approach based upon rigorous analysis through tools such as Google Analytics, Search Query Report.
  • Analysis for not only keywords / key-phrases etc but also for different days of week and different hours of the day though segmented reporting for Day Parting and establish automated rules for bid scheduling to ensure RoI on single dollar spent by you.
  • Keyword / key-phrases through device breakout to optimize the Google Adwords on mobile clients.
  • Continuously optimizing under performing keyword / key-phrases

Key Distinctions

  • Optimization with a wide range of parameter and hence best RoI on each dollar spent.


  • Continual optimization approach to unleash the best value for the money spent.
  • Comprehensive list of filters (e.g. Keywords, devices, different locations in a city, days, time segments in a day etc) to analyze the traffic patterns and conversion rates.

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