Online Reputation Management (ORM) Services

Today Online Reputation is much more important than Real World reputation as customer reviews Online Reputation when he is about to make the purchasing decision.

The unique ORM services offering from DigitalSalesMen is to have a collaborative approach to manage a win-win relationship with review sites and update positive news with them.

Transformation of real world reputation into online reputation and then nurturing online reputation is paramount to the success of any business. Following will be the scope of ORM activities:

  • Handling consumer complaints in a way to protect the brand image and at the same time it dilutes the search engine ranking so that it is not visible prominently.
  • Collaboration with review sites to promote various facts which contribute positively in creating interest of user e.g. locality strength, project strengths, trends, research reports etc.
  • Develop / maintain high ranking pages (e.g. wikipedia) to serve the dual purpose of promoting positive reputation while suppressing negative reputations (complaints).
  • Product / Brand / Offer / Campaigns / Events Awareness on social media
  • Publishing press releases and case studies etc. Posting reviews and ratings on various forums including just dial and other industry portals.
  • Brand Optimization on Google , yahoo, Bing, Altavista Ask and many more.

Key Distinctions

  • Collaborative efforts to improve online reputation which brings wonderful results.
  • Integrated approach to connect offline and online reputations.


  • Multiple Approaches: There will be reactive (e.g. Customer complaints) as well as proactive approaches (e.g. Collaboration with Industry review sites, PR / Case Studies Publications etc)
  • Reputation Push & Pull: The reputation will be managed by both pushing negative reputation down and pulling positive reputation up in search engine ranking.
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