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Our Local Search is a two stage process. At first stage we audit your online performance from local search perspective and provide you a comprehensive report generated from rich experience. Following will be deliverable from this stage.

  • Local Search Analysis Report.
  • Doable Action Report for recommended improvement areas.
  • @60th day review for action taken and follow up call.

The prime outcome of this stage of Local search Optimization (Local SEO)is a clear goal settings in objective manner. Now either you can ask your in-house resources to act or buy our second stage services.

In second stage of Local search optimization service, we seek information through a questionnaire to understand your organization specific information and start working on it where 80% of the Google optimization work is done by us while 20 is done by you and your customers.

This efforts invested in this stage of Local Search Marketing will ensure the fastest results in local search in Google Local search as well as other local searches.

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