Digital Marketing for Real Estate

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Digital Marketing Company for Real Estate

A Real Estate Company Pioneer in Green Building Development in India, could Increase Lead Generation Effectiveness and Reduce Cost Per Lead.

Business Scenario

The business was struggling with two primary challenges as below

  • No of leads generated through online world was very less.
  • The lead generation cost was very high

The lower number of leads was affecting the business cash flow despite the fact that company made significant expenses in various promotional drives in offline world.

Digital Marketing Company for Real Estate

Technical Scenario

The lead generation mechanism was not very effective and efficient. There was no appropriate content strategy was being followed for customer perception management.

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The lead generation mechanism is made more effective by improving effectiveness at every stage i.e. Offer, CTA, landing page and lead collection. It helped in achieving 5S (i.e. Sell (Customer acquisition), Serve (Customer satisfaction), Sizzle (wow factors, customer perception management), Speak (Customer Engagement), Save (Customized Efficiency Gain).

Digital Marketing Agency for Real Estate, Online Marketing Agency for Real Estate,Internet Marketing Agency for Real Estate


Effective and Efficient Digital Marketing Eco System

  • The number of leads could increase by 225%
  • The lead generation cost could reduce by 35%
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